Bolt Action: Third Edition, Armies of Germany Releasing Q1 2025

We’re very excited to announce that Armies of Germany will be the first in a new upcoming series of Armies of… rules supplements for Bolt Action: Third Edition, as part of our continuing partnership with Osprey Games!

Releasing in Q1 2025, Armies of Germany will provide extensive rules and unit profiles allowing players to field the might of the German military on the tabletop in games of Bolt Action: Third Edition, from the armoured fist of the Panzer divisions to the die-hard Fallschirmjäger paratroopers, and many more besides! Packed with full-colour illustrations, beautifully painted miniatures, and essential relevant historical background, alongside the game rules, Armies of Germany will be a must-have addition to any Bolt Action bookshelf!

Armies of Germany will be the first of several new Armies of… national supplements released for Bolt Action: Third Edition, with subsequent books released quarterly, each accompanied by a wave of fantastic new miniatures for the attendant nations. We’ll be talking more about Armies of Germany, the subsequent Armies of… supplements, and Bolt Action: Third Edition itself, from July as we ramp up to the release of the new edition.

The relentless advance of the German Wehrmacht claims another village on the Eastern Front.

Armies of Germany will be available to order from Warlord Games, Osprey Games, and all good wargames stockists Q1 2025!

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