We recently gave you the opportunity to put your burning Achtung Panzer! questions to the game’s authors, Mike Bradford and Roger Gerrish, via our social media channels. Without further ado…

Roughly how long would a standard game take to play through?
It depends on how familiar the players are with the rules, but we generally find that a game takes between one and two hours.

Do different tanks have unique characteristics? Historically, some did not have smoke generators, turret rotation speeds were different, and similar differences.
Achtung Panzer! is a pretty detailed game, but some aspects were discarded to keep it playable. For example, all tanks can ‘pop smoke’ either with smoke generators or grenades. A slow turret rule was discarded as it was complicated without adding anything to the game. However, there are certain traits to differentiate tanks and these are listed in the rulebook.

Will we be able to field multiples of the same tank variant? For example multiple Panther Ausf. As or Panzer IV Ausf. Hs. Or are we restricted to one variant?
There are multiple types, for example, three Panther variants and five Panzer IVs (so far). Also LOTS of Shermans and Churchills. You can compose your force in any way using any of those variants.

What is the process of building a force? I’m starting a new army for this and would like to know how I should be organizing my purchases.
You need tank models, preferably a few for each side, but as a starter game, two to three tanks would be quite sufficient. Everything else is handled through the asset cards so you don’t need infantry models, although there’s no reason not to put them on the table if you have them, and it certainly enriches the look of the game when your crew is forced to bail out and you plonk them on the table!

Two to three tanks per side will set you well on your way on the Achtung Panzer! road.

In a regular game of Achtung Panzer!…what is the normal amount of medium or heavy tanks per side? For example, Bolt Action is usually 1000 to 1250 points a side.
It’s best played with about two to six tanks per side, but you can have a good game with one vs one, although it may be a quick game!

Will the game be suitable for competitive events?
There are only a few miniatures on the table and the tanks all have a points value, so I think it would be suitable. There are a large number of variables though, but I’m sure tournament organisers will be able to sort it out.

How well does it scale up? IIRC the early intel report mentioned “two to six per side”, but I could see myself dreaming about things like running a giant free-for-all at a convention.
As tanks are activated one at a time, you can scale up with no problem, although you might need to make some more initiative tokens. The game works well in a multi-player format but perhaps with an umpire to keep things flowing.

Are the rules transferrable to other scales without too much work?
Yes, you can easily play it with other scales. If you go down to 10mm or so it might be best to treat the ranges as cms rather than inches, or if 1/35 is your thing, maybe double the ranges (and get a big table).

How does this game differ from other tank-on-tank action games like What a Tanker! or World of Tanks?
Well, it is a game of tank combat. Apart from that, it’s different. I think it has a greater level of detail than the other games so if that’s your thing then you should enjoy it.

I am curious as to how High Explosive shells will behave.
HE shells are mainly used to clear ambush terrain and strongpoints. They can be used against other tanks but armour penetration is not as good as AP ammo. Having said that, a few low-power guns have better penetration with HE than AP at long range. You won’t run out of ammo in a game so it’s really a question of loading the right shell for the job at the right time.

That’s one set of ambush terrain cleared out with HE, now be sure to reload with teh right shell for the next target.

Most special ammo was extremely limited, are there ammo quantity restrictions?
The basic ammo types are unlimited. Some, but not all, tanks can use special ammo. If so, the amount is limited by nationality and date. You won’t have as much as you would like, so use it carefully.

Why does the To Hit number not change based on range? It seems you’ll need a 5+ to hit whether from 6ft away or 6″ away with most weapons.
The game models engagements over a relatively short distance, so high-velocity, flat-trajectory guns don’t have any range penalties. Some smaller or low-velocity guns only hit on a ‘6’ at long range.

If a tank runs out of ammo can I ram another tank?
By all means! Seriously though, there are no rules for ramming as it’s really a shooting game. Mind you, you can’t run out of ammo either so it shouldn’t become necessary.

Will there be a campaign system for my tank crew to gain experience over the course of several battles?
Yes, the game includes a campaign system. Your crews gain experience points that can be used to advance crew quality or upgrade their tanks. Full details are in the rulebook.

What about tanks that have no cards yet? Also, what’s campaign play gonna be like?
The rulebook has stats for nearly 100 tanks and a couple of blank datacards so you can easily make your own. The first release covers mid-late war Europe, and hopefully other stuff will be coming along later.
A campaign is a series of six to eight battles (or missions, if you prefer). Players create their platoons at the start and crews gain experience as the campaign progresses. The platoon commander (ie. you) gains reputation, and medals, for winning battles. The winner will be the commander with the highest reputation at the end.

A Sherman Firefly lies in wait in a Prepared Position.

I’m building a Japanese force, and would love to know if you guys will have tank rules for the Pacific theatre. I also noticed there are amphibious tanks, will there be specific rules covering those models and water terrain?
I’m sure the Japanese will be turning up at some point. There are no rules for amphibious tanks at the moment, but it’s a great thought so I would hope to include something for them. Thanks for the idea!

I know it’s a game about Tank warfare. But is there a possibility to place some aircraft as a marker onto the table for an airstrike? This would be a reason to include AA tanks like “Wirbelwind” or “Duster” in the game.
Airstrikes are a feature of the game, but in an abstracted way. They represent fighter bombers streaking across the battlefield and are gone before your tanks can react. By all means, use miniatures to add some spectacle, but in the confusion of battle your crews have other things to worry about. However, anti-aircraft cannon are very effective against light vehicles, so they are useful in the game.

Mike Bradford
Game Design – Mike Bradford
Roger Gerrish
Game Development – Roger Gerrish

If your curiosity has been quenched but not quite sated, sound off in the comments below with any more questions, and we’ll do our merry best to get Mike and Roger to take a look at them.
Achtung Panzer! Launches 13th April 2024

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  1. I know it is a game, and somethings have to be abstracted, but retaining 5+ to hit when you are point blank (like in the demo game by Jürgen) makes me sick to my stomach.
    There should be a bonus to get up close and personal, if not for anything else than realism.


  2. Useful article, thanks. BTW Svein, I think the game is designed for engagements at short range, and point blank range (the point at which the rounds redescends through the original horizontal plane) is further than you’d think – slightly beyond the 800m range that typified WW2 tank engagements. So shooting at 30m or 300m wouldn’t make much difference to range estimation!

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