Hello there! Conor T here from Warlord Customer Service and “Conor’s Hobby Corner”. Today I want to take some time to talk about the next Bolt Action Campaign Book: D-Day: US Sector.

Now as a relatively new historical hobbyist I must say that first this book is weighty! With over 150 pages the third and final instalment of our Campaign D-Day trilogy is certainly a fine addition to any collection. From scenarios, new units, new theatre selectors and cool new optional special rules this book really packs a punch in terms of the sheer range of content. I want to touch on some of this today.

The Scenarios

There are 12 action-packed operations from “The Road to Carentan”, pushing through the hedgerows in “Bocage Country” and finishing off with “The Assault of Fort Montbarey”. Each scenario depicts the struggle of the Allied advanced against the stoic German Defenders.

Of note is that this book not only covers the heroic US forces such as the 101st Airborne and 2nd Armoured Division but also the daring raids of the British SAS disrupting German supply lines and communications. The book’s final scenario finishes with a spectacular assault on a German fort, with the steadfast advance of the US Army 121st Engineer Combat Battalion (with British Churchill Crocodile support) assailing 200 men of the elite Fallschirmjager.

New Units

Next up we have some new units added to this book. The French Partisans get some fresh new options such as the “Jedburgh Team”, “Maquis Squad” and even Paris’ own “boys in blue” Police unit. The Germans are not without some additions either with Double Agents, Kriegsmarine Officers and various Anti-Partisan squads ready to react to the ongoing efforts of the French Partisans and SAS.

Theatre Selectors

The Theatre selectors for D-Day: US Sector must be some of the most themed selectors of the series and each comes with a smattering of cool special rules that really suit the forces of the time.  The Late-War Mechanised Tank Destroyer Platoon for the US Army Theater Selector, for example, demonstrates the combat experience gained in North Africa and Italy; it not only has the formidable M10 Tank Destroyers and all the options of normal Armoured Platoons but also has an added Recon Platoon made up of an optional M8 Greyhound and a pair of Jeeps in order to better direct the Tank Hunting Destroyers. The opposing German selectors are not without their own bonuses with multiple selectors being able to add the special rule “Hedgerow Ambush” allowing them to be deployed as observers/snipers if they are out of the line of sight of enemy units. Whilst this is situational, I think this really captures the real struggle the Allies had during this campaign of multiple ambushes all the way through the French countryside.

Now the book also has its fair share of new Army options with the Allies being able to choose from the lightly armoured SAS Northwest Europe Platoon, the US Army Rangers and even the mighty tip of the spear itself – the US Airborne! Each of these comes with a whole host of reworked and new unit choices which encourage new and imaginative ways to recreate the campaign on the tabletop. The Germans are not without support though with rules for creating a full Fallschirmjager army in their defensive late war format alongside even more options for the Waffen SS.

Special Rules

Finally, the book also covers a shedload of extra special rules that make fighting the battles of the Second World War. With rules for Bocages, trenches, artillery positions, and dug in vehicles as some of the additional rules on offer this D-Day Campaign book makes tabletop battles even more immersive and give a truer sense of the struggles on the battlefield.

Whilst there is still a while until the book is released I hope that today’s article has given you some insight into this truly epic book and has given you some idea on what to either add to your existing collection or thoughts on a new force. Whilst I am personally working on my “Generation Germans” project (covering Germany throughout the ages) I have set my sights on a small British SAS Jeep mounted raiding force to cause as much havoc on the tabletop as possible!

Now Available to Pre-Order

Pre-Order the book to receive a special edition miniature, Robert Capa. This Hungarian-American war photographer is considered one of the all-time great combat and adventure photographers in history. He was the only civilian photographer to land on Omaha Beach on D-Day, attached to the 16th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division. During this operation, he produced a group of images that came to be known as “The Magnificent Eleven”. For his work over World War Two, he was awarded the Medal of Freedom by U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Pre-orders are the only way to secure this miniature.

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