This time around we turned to one of Warlord Games’ Studio painters, Jamie Getliffe, to choose just one miniature from our vast catalogue, as his favourite. As it turns out, it’s one he painted fairly recently for the Studio collection…

Jamie: “On holiday as a child we visited Edinburgh Castle where I saw the eagle of the 45th Ligne that was captured by Sgt Ewart at the Battle of Waterloo (as well as his sword). It’s safe to say that this made quite an impression on me as a young ‘un. From that point on I was hooked on the Napoleonic Wars and in particular the mighty Scots Greys.

The captured eagle on display in Edinburgh Castle Museum.

It’s no surprise then that the first miniatures I actually painted back in the mists of time were Napoleonics, and actually at 15mm scale. It was a source of great joy and nostalgia when Warlord’s second Epic Battles game was to focus on this very period – painting the Epic Battles: Waterloo miniatures for the studio felt like every aspect of my hobby, right from those first tentative steps back in Edinburgh Castle, had come full circle. It’s extremely gratifying.

But I have been asked to choose a specific favourite figure, so it had to be the limited edition miniature we did for the game’s launch, Ewart’s Eagle. The miniature is an incredible sculpt – it evokes the dynamism and narrative of one of the most famous charges in military history – and demonstrates just what the Epic Battles scale is capable of.”

Ewart’s Eagle was originally released only alongside pre-order bundles of the Wellington’s British Starter Army box. It is still available, however, as part of our Loyalty Rewards Program – in which you can exchange points earned from previous purchases for vouchers or exclusive models.

Alternatively, if you have yet to dip your toes into Epic Battles: Waterloo, he can be found in the All-In Three Army Mega Bundle alongside our other Epic Battles: Waterloo limited-edition miniatures, L’Enfonceur’s Hougoumont Assault and Prussian Plancenoit Assault. This bundle contains one of every plastic boxed set for the game as well as every Epic Battles: Waterloo MDF scenery kit produced by our friends at Sarissa Precision.

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