New miniatures inbound. With both the Napoleonic forces of the Spanish and the Prussians set to be bolstered, you’ll soon be able to add these highly characterful miniatures to your Black Powder collections. Pre-Order from Saturday 7th August 2021.

Prussian Jägers

The Prussian infantry consisted of fusiliers, musketeers, landwehr and jägers. Regiments, consisting of three battalions, were a tactical unit similar to those of the french. Each regular Line regiment had two musketeer battalions and one fusilier battalion, while the Landwehr regiments had three battalions of musketeers. Jägers were usually broken down into companies and assigned to brigades in ‘penny packets’.

The jägers were elite light infantrymen, marksmen and expert in the arts of skirmishing, usually broken down into company-sized units. Jägers were rifle-armed, although there was not widespread uniformity in the type of rifle used.

Spanish Guerillas

You cannot comment on the Spanish and their forces without on those plucky chaps who carried out the ‘little war’; directed by local Juntas they performed hit and run attacks on the French any way they could. The French regarded them as rebellious scum, bandits who were to be chastised even unto death. It is estimated that over 20,000 were active in numerous bands whose numbers grew to the size of small armies in some cases. Guerrilla bands were lead by colourful yet ruthless men who operated under titles such as El Pastor (The Shepherd) and El Abuelo (The Godfather).

One cannot underestimate the value to Wellington that the guerrilla war had. It is without doubt that without these brave Spaniards, Wellington’s forces would have been overrun by marauding French armies. Conversely, without brave Albion and her Portuguese allies, the French would have hunted down the rebels with impunity.

These new models superbly characterise the men and women fighting as irregular troops in Spain and Portugal, harrying the French at every step. There will be two packs available, each containing six distinct sculpts.

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