I, and many other people across the world, were deeply saddened by the recent news of the death of Bryan Ansell. Bryan was internationally renowned as a towering figure in the tabletop miniatures world, and his model soldier companies Asgard and Citadel set new standards for skill and excitement in first 25mm, and later 28mm wargaming, particularly in the fantasy and science fiction markets.

It might be better to say that he made these markets, and his vision, his strength, and passion for excitement, detail, and fun was matched by his other two great passions – top quality and fantastic customer service.

Bryan was perhaps best known for his leadership at Games Workshop, when he combined the London based GW with the Citadel factory in Nottinghamshire.

Bryan was a hugely talented man who could turn his hand to anything if it interested him. He leaves a wife, Diane, and family who also were involved both with Games Workshop and a privately owned historical company called Wargames Foundry based near Newark.

Let there be no doubt about the impact Bryan’s life has had on millions of gamers the last 50 years. Without his vision there would have been no Warhammer or Warhammer 40K .

I, and everyone at Warlord Games, would like to say a big thanks for his full life, and send our respects to his family.

  1. Agree completely. His drive took tabletop miniatures from part-time hobby business into a professional industry. I found him fair and professional to work for and an interesting conversationalist. My sympathy to all family and friends.

  2. John,
    Well said. I am forever grateful for him giving us hobbyists such an immersive way to make friendships, build skills, be creative, imaginative, and now pass them on to new generations as well. I read in another article that,
    “[Ansell] set Games Workshop on a path that has led it to become more important to the UK economy than the entire fishing industry.” I found that so amazing… and when you consider it’s an island nation that enjoys fish and chips. Seriously he and all who touched the helm of GW have perpetuated a great gift to the world. With the greatest of respect and love I say – we have lost a giant… now roll and place the fallen giant template. God bless Brian and comfort his family.

  3. It’s sad to see a life like his come to an end, and yet, when you consider all that he’s given to the world, it was a life so well lived that there should be few regrets.
    My sympathies go out to his family and friends, but I want to also thank them for sharing him with the rest of the world. We’ve all lost a treasure, but he gave us so much to continue to treasure.
    The gaming industry, and so many lives, are so much richer for what he’s given us. Thank you, and rest in peace.

  4. Really sad to hear of Bryan Ansell’s passing. A true giant of our not so little hobby. Thanks no doubt in large part to him. My condolences to his family and friends

  5. Very sad news indeed. I never met Bryan, but he has had a massive influence on my life as a wargamer and collector of miniatures, both fantasy and historical.
    Our world is definitely a better place for his having been among us.

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