So you want to wargame the American Civil War… well, you’re in luck! It’s never been easier to get involved in this fascinating conflict, where Napoleonic tactics met the rising tide of modern technology, and the fate of a vast nation hung in the balance. If you want to field truly enormous armies, Black Powder: Epic Battles has you covered, with an extensive range of 15mm infantry, cavalry, artillery, and scenery perfect for recreating the biggest battles of the war, whilst for 28mm fans it’s never been easier to form up your brigades with the return of the gorgeous Forgotten & Glorious line of miniatures, now in crisply detailed Warlord Resin – but we’ll touch on those more in a little bit!

With your models sorted (and presumably painted – the new Army Painter Speedpaint 2.0 range makes getting masses of troops on the table an absolute doddle, so there really is no excuse!), naturally you’ll be needing some rules! Black Powder has you covered – whether in its Epic Battles guise or at 28mm – featuring all the rules you need to fight the battles of the American Civil War right off the bat. Once you’ve had a few games, however, it’s inevitable that you’ll want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, and fight even more detailed actions with period-specific special rules – enter Glory, Hallelujah!

Get a free ‘Dead Eye Davy’ special miniature when you purchase Glory Hallelujah! directly from the Warlord Games webstore. This special-edition figure comes with two head options suitable to make either a Union or a Confederate trooper.

Your go-to guide for all things American Civil War, Glory, Hallelujah! is a fantastic resource absolutely packed with additional information to take your games of Black Powder to the next level (or, more accurately, to the next continent – North America!). With 180 pages detailing the famous (and less well-known) battles and campaigns, as well as in-depth profiles on and rules for the top commanders and most notable units on both sides, in addition to new and updated rules and statistics for the vast array of weaponry in use, Glory, Hallelujah! is an essential addition to any Black Powder bookshelf, and a fantastic source of inspiration for collecting, modelling, and painting.

With orders of battle and army lists galore allowing you to properly represent any number of famous Union and Confederate formations throughout the conflict, Glory, Hallelujah! is sure to get your creative juices flowing, and luckily for you, we’ve got plenty of fantastic miniatures for you to realise your hobby vision – no matter which scale you prefer! The newest additions to this ever-expanding range are the awesome Forgotten & Glorious line of 28mm infantry and artillery, returning from a sojourn of unavailability in Warlord Resin. These gorgeous, character-filled sculpts (with infantry available either advancing or in firing line) can be used for either Union or Confederate troops, and their simple design makes assembly and painting a breeze. The joy of Black Powder, whether in Epic Battles or 28mm scale, is of course having big brigades on the table, and the combination of the beloved classic sculpts and innovative new Warlord Resin allows you to get great units on the table quickly.

Cap Badge close-up detail on a Union infantryman.

Adding further character to your units, these boxed sets also include full-colour flag sheets bearing the standards of many legendary units from both Union and Confederate armies, perfect for marking your regiments out on the tabletop, and a cap badge decal sheet (Also available separately) allowing you to really go to town with the little details that really bring each model to life. Finally, the infantry boxes also include a pair of lengths of MDF ‘snake’ fencing – the iconic railings seen across many American Civil War battlefields – allowing you to populate and dress your tabletop, all at once!

Infantry Regiment (advancing) – This set contains 24 crisply detailed Warlord Resin figures advancing with their firearms in ‘right shoulder shift’ (including a command group), suitable to represent either Union or Confederate troops. Also includes two sections of MDF Snake Fence scenery, a cap badge decal sheet and glorious full-colour flag sheets that will make your regiments stand ever more proud on the tabletop.
Infantry Regiment (firing line) – This set contains 24 crisply detailed Warlord Resin figures (including a command group) presenting their arms at firing line, suitable to represent either Union or Confederate troops. Also includes two sections of MDF Snake Fence scenery, a cap badge decal sheet and glorious full-colour flag sheets that will make your regiments stand ever more proud on the tabletop.
American Civil War Artillery Battery – This box contains a trio of American Civil War guns (in high-quality Warlord Resin), each manned by four crew, with a wide variety of gun barrel options: three Union 12-pdr Napoleons, one Confederate 12-pdr Napoleon, one 12-pdr howitzer; one 10-pdr Parrott rifle; three 6-pdr Napoloens; & one 3-inch ordnance. The set is completed by two sections of the ubiquitous Snake Fences of the period (in MDF), and a cap badge decal sheet.

With Glory, Hallelujah! in hand and a table covered in fantastic-looking figures, your Black Powder setup will be the envy of all your mates – and the scene of some awesome tabletop battles as you re-fight the American Civil War. Grab yours today!

More to Come

This is just the beginning of the Forgotten & Glorious American Civil War relaunch, a plethora of other characterful miniatures are on the way, here’s a very small preview:

Union General
Confederate Officer (on Foot)
Union Officer (Mounted)
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  1. Will you make a new series (in 28mm scale) of ACW? Not the miniatures above from Forgotten & Glorious (which are very nice and i will buy them) but a new series : infantry, cavalry, artillery, personalities and some special units that will give a variety in series : indians, colored regiments, local militias etc?

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