The focus of Campaign D-Day: Overlord is the day, and battles that are some of the most celebrated, not just of World War Two, but of all military history. The 6th of June 1944 marked the opening of the second front in Europe and is recognised not only for its historical and military significance but also because of the iconic and cultural impression it has left.

When people think of bravery or sacrifice, they are imbued with mental imagery of the soldiers storming the beaches of Normandy, made all the more vivid by works of popular culture, education of our youth, scholarly works of history, and days of remembrance for our war veterans.

“The first 24 hours of the invasion will be decisive for the Allies, as well as for Germany, it will be the longest day.”

Field Marshall Erwin Rommel
Bolt Action - Sherman and US infantry assault on Omaha beach
A Sherman tank provides cover for US infantry as they attempt to move up Omaha Beach.

Known by its planners as Operation Neptune (the first phase of the overall plan to liberate Fortress Europe), the landings were the result of a combined operation of truly gargantuan proportions, the likes of which we may never see again. It was the fruit of years of planning, training and preparation. A bringing together of the best military, scientific, and engineering minds to overcome what was seen as one of the greatest manmade bulwarks ever created; the Atlantic Wall. In the two years prior to D-Day the Allies amassed stockpiles of materiel in preparation for the invasion: aircraft, ships, landing craft, artillery, and tanks in the tens of thousands, five million tons of invasion supplies, while a million and a half servicemen were stationed in England ready to take on Hitler’s armies in France.

The logistics of the operation were astounding. The invasion fleets themselves numbered over 7,000 craft, while the tactical and strategic aircraft supporting the invasion were around 8,000 in number. The 150,000 ground troops carried aboard the ships of the invasion fleet as well as a further 20,000 involved in the airborne assault on D-Day, would pry open Hitler’s Atlantic Wall, creating a foothold the Allies would exploit with their superiority in materiel and manpower.

The Book

This book provides wargamers with a focus on the specific actions of June 6th 1944, injecting their Bolt Action games with theatre-specific flavour. The book is filled with the heroic deeds of the soldiers who battled to forge a second front on the day of June 6th 1944, and allows players to replicate the amphibious landings of Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword beaches as well as the nighttime landings of the US airborne and the German response. Such was the scope of the landings that this book is entirely concerned with the events of June 6th, with two further campaign books (D-Day: British & Canadian Sectors and D-Day: The US Sector) detailing events in the days after.

Bolt Action - US Rangers scale the cliffs at Pointe-du-Hoc
US Rangers scale the cliffs at Pointe-du-Hoc.


Campaign: D-Day: Overlord is crammed with 19 scenarios, covering everything from the diversionary operations undertaken by the OSS and SOE to the amphibious assaults on the five Normandy beaches!

  • Scenario 1: Operation Titanic
  • Scenario 2: Pegasus Bridge: The Coupe de Main
  • Scenario 3: Pegasus Bridge: Taking the West Bank
  • Scenario 4: Assault on Merville Battery
  • Scenario 5: Skirmish in the Dark
  • Scenario 6: Brecourt Manor
  • Scenario 7: Objective XYZ
  • Scenario 8: Counter-Attack at Sainte-Mere-Eglise
  • Scenario 9: Neuville-Au-Plain
  • Scenario 10: Utah Beach
  • Scenario 11: Fox Green Beach
  • Scenario 12: Get Off the Beach!
  • Scenario 13: Pointe-Du-Hoc
  • Scenario 14: Frontal Assault on WN 29
  • Scenario 15: Queen Red Beach
  • Scenario 16: Ouistreham
  • Scenario 17: Pegasus Bridge: Hold Until Relieved
  • Scenario 18: Lebisey Wood
  • Scenario 19: La Fiere Bridge

Additional Rules

The book is loaded with additional units for British Commonwealth, German and US armies, many of which are concerned with Beach and fortification assaults. Full rules are included for amphibious assaults, and fortifications, with an appendix of additional pertinent special rules included for reference and convenience. These include campaign special rules, minefields, digging in, and air-landing reinforcements, amongst others.

With over 200 pages the Campaign Book, written by Robert Vella, allows players to take command of both Allied forces assaulting the beaches and inland defences and those of the Axis manning such fortifications. Packed with new, linked scenarios, rules, troop types, and Theatre Selectors providing plenty of options for novice and veteran players alike.

Order the campaign book from the Warlord webstore and receive a free special edition miniature, Capt. Colin Maud RN Beach Master modelled in action on Juno Beach with his faithful (real life) dog Winnie, a German Shepherd! Exceptionally bold and tenacious looking like a latter-day buccaneer he was described as “one of the most popular officers in the British Navy“.

Portrayed by Kenneth More (1914–1982) in the 1962 film The Longest Day, Maud acted as a technical adviser on the film and provided More with the same blackthorn shillelagh he had carried on D-Day.

The book is also available in the following digital formats: EBook / PDF – These do not include the free figure.

D-Day Battle Sets

Our Bolt Action battle sets are designed to provide players with enough miniatures and scenery to give tabletop battlefields a complete makeover to reflect some of the most celebrated or well-remembered engagements of World War Two. There are few battles more well-known than those of D-Day; they dwell in the public consciousness thanks in no small part to the likes of The Longest Day, Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan on the silver screen, as well as the efforts of military historians and writers over the last 80 years. Thankfully, two famous actions are well represented with two of our battle sets!

The Longest Day

Bolt Action - The Longest Day Battle Set

The Longest Day Battle set is packed with miniatures and scenery giving you all you need to replicate the amphibious landings of D-Day in Bolt Action, and many of the scenarios found in D-Day: Overlord. It contains:

  • 2x LCVP landing craft
  • 1x AT/Flak bunker
  • 1x Coastal Defence bunker
  • 2x German Pak 40 ATG (for inside the bunkers)
  • Craters/shell holes
  • 1x Duplex Drive Sherman with lowered screens
  • 32x plastic US Infantry
  • 16x plastic German Grenadiers
  • 2x MG 42 MMG teams
  • 4x US Army casualties
  • 2x US Engineers carrying Bangalore torpedoes
  • 2x MMG sandbag emplacements
  • Set of battlefield accessories
  • 2m of barbed wire

Or take your games to an even grander scale with the Beachhead Assault! – Collector’s Edition version for even greater value. In addition to all the above, it includes:

  • Barbed Wire
  • Shell holes and craters Resin
  • Sandbag emplacement
  • LCVP Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel – Higgins Boat
  • US LCVP machine gun crew (metal)
  • Sherman V Duplex Drive (lowered screens)
  • US Generic Vehicle Decals
  • Coastal Defence bunker (italeri)
  • German Heer 20mm flakvierling 38 AA-gun (1943-45)
  • German Heer 81mm medium mortar team (1943-45)
  • German Pionier with Goliath
  • Luftwaffe Field Division Flak 37
  • Ruined Hamlet
  • Dead Horses
  • Dead Cows
  • US Army 81mm medium mortar
  • US Army FOO team
  • US Army 30 Cal MMG team redeploying
  • Panzernest
  • 18 x German Grenadiers
  • 6 x US Army Infantry Plastic Frame

Pegasus Bridge

In the hours before the Allied invasion of Hitler’s Europe was to begin at Normandy, a number of key points had to be neutralised lest the Allied troops be thrown back into the sea and to give the Allies the opportunity to disrupt German reinforcements heading towards the landing beaches. One of these vital targets was the swing bridge over the canal at Bénouville.

In the early hours of 6th June 1944, the men of D Company, 2nd Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, led by Major John Howard, landed by glider – the first British troops to land on D-Day. Their primary objective was to capture the two road bridges over the River Orne and the Caen Canal

The Bénouville bridge was guarded by machine gun posts, an anti-tank gun emplacement and a machine gun bunker, but the pinpoint glider assault caught the German defenders unprepared. After a vicious firefight, the highly-trained British soldiers captured the bridge and prepared defences for the inevitable German counter-attack, which they successfully repelled. The victorious British 6th Airborne Division could now protect the eastern flank of the Allied landings.

To recognise their bravery and sacrifice, the Caen Canal Bridge was renamed ‘Pegasus Bridge’ by the local population, inspired by the distinctive divisional badge of the 6th Airborne Division.

Bolt Action Pegasus Bridge
Defend the Bridge! German troops entrench themselves against the encroaching air-landed British.

This remarkable laser-cut replica of Pegasus Bridge, along with scenery representing other key features of the battle site such as the Café Gondrée, gun emplacement, machine gun posts and bunker are all included in this superb battle set, allowing you to recreate the battle on the tabletop. Can your valiant glider troops take the bridge or will the Germans see you off before reinforcements arrive?

Bolt Action Pegasus Bridge Battle Set

Pegasus Bridge contains everything you’ll need to refight this famous night assault:

  • Tilting laser-cut Pegasus Bridge with working checkpoints at both ends
  • Laser-cut Café Gondrée with accessible interiors
  • 16-page booklet with scenarios, rules and assembly instructions
  • Laser-cut machine gun bunker
  • 2 laser-cut French telegraph poles
  • Major John Howard (exclusive metal figure)
  • 12 plastic multi-pose British Airborne
  • 24 plastic multi-pose German Grenadiers
  • Resin gun emplacement
  • German 5cm KwK 39 anti-tank gun and 3 crew
  • Resin machine gun nest
  • German MG42 medium machine-gun team
  • Full-colour waterslide decal sheets for the German and British Airborne miniatures

The Ham & Jam Collector’s Edition includes all this plus:

  • 4 extra laser-cut French telegraph poles
  • Metal Lord Lovat and Piper Bill Millin figures
  • 20 plastic multi-pose British Commandos
  • Laser-cut MDF Horsa glider
  • 18 extra plastic multi-pose German Grenadiers
  • Resin and metal Marder 1 Sd.kfz 135
  • Resin rectangular sandbag encampment
  • 7 Resin sandbag encampments
  • Plastic tank obstacles
  • 3 extra German MG42 medium machine-gun teams
  • Metal dead livestock – includes a horse and 2 cows
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