The charismatic King of Sweden changed seventeenth-century warfare forever with his reforms. Our model depicts him in buffcoat and with drawn sword leaping his horse over an obstacle, leading from the front like all proper politicians should do – but striking though the model already may be, with a little accompaniment, it can become even more of an incredible centrepiece!

Here we have a few pics of Andy Bartlett’s (of the Friend’s of General Haig Gaming Group) version of our own Gustav II Adolph figure. Andy has used three of our figures to create this small command vignette.

Below Andy tells us more about his figures and the conversions he used.

I try to have three figures to distinguish my Commander bases and so my first challenge was
to find another two figures, who would be Gustav’s aides, to match the fabulous dynamic
pose of the Swedish King who is shown with his horse in the act of leaping or jumping. 
I found two figures that are also from the Warlord general range, namely the Prince Rupert
and Fairfax figures.  These three figures together seemed to make an excellent set so, with
an old, ruined cannon from the bits box as a suitable obstacle, I could have Gustav landing
on the other side of the cannon, and his two aides just taking off to cross the artillery piece
behind him.  Making for a very interesting command stand!

Below we have included the links to the figures used in Andy’s pictures if you want to
recreate this yourself!

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