We are just soldiers, they trained us and they tell us what to do. It is a difficult time out there and the last thing you want is to be expelled of the Central Government Cells and cast away to any of those filthy and infested quarantine areas. There is only dead meat there or meat soon to be dead anyway!

Our families –or what remains of them- have shelter and food every day and can go on with whatever normal life might be now. If we do our job well, there is no reason to worry. It is a matter of life and death and for now, we are alive and everything else is dead out there.

With precision and violence of action the members of the elite Special Operations Team (Spec Ops) mercilessly pursue their mission with ruthless efficiency. Any opposition, living or undead, is met with immediate and devastating weapons fire until eliminated; the mission always comes first. Whether as the strong-arm operatives of surviving government agencies, elite mercenaries for shadowy corporate entities, or independent groups of military survivors, these well trained and heavily armed soldiers are a force to be reckoned with.

The Spec Ops expansion box for Project Z contains 9 new character cards with which you can assemble an incursion team to take on the mean streets of the post-apocalypse. As with all other characters, all in-game equipment is as depicted on the miniature in question – so long as the following rules are observed:

  • A miniature can be armed with either two hand weapons or a single two-handed weapon.
  • If a miniature is armed with both a two-handed melee weapon and another weapon, that weapon counts, in-game, as one-handed instead.

Luckily the sprue is packed with options:

ALegs and a LAW.
BHead options. A Boonie Hat, ski masks/ balaclavas, bandanas, Advanced Combat Helmet/ MICH for US forces but also used by other nations like UK (Armed Police), Russia (Interior troops), Canada. Australia, China just to name a few.
CTorsos with load carrying vest, M4/C8, AK-12, AK-74/ Galil (left to right, firing/ attached to right arm)
DHead, legs, torso, rifles like C with UGLs (firing/ attached to right arm).
EAK-74 with drum mag, Type 95 MG (China), M4 variant with triple mag, L86 LSW (firing/ attached to right arm).
FLeg, Type 95 MG, L86 LSW, RPG carrying rack, RPG (firing/ attached to right arm).
HLeg, 590A1 shotgun, M4, AK-12, AK74/ Galil (firing/ attached to right arm).
JM4 taped on spare mag, AK-12 UGL, AK-12, M4 UGL, M4, M4 with fore grip.
KL85A2 UGL, L85, SA80 (firing) separate AK-74/ Galil UGL, AK-74/ Galil, LAW firing.
LLeft arms and a head (MK6 helmet).
MLeft arms and separate SA80, L85A2, L85A2 UGL, RPG and spare grenades.
NNVGs, Groin and lower back armour plates.

Combine with other Project Z sprues for near-endless possibilities. Zombified Incursion teams? Gangs with looted Spec-Ops weapons. Impromptu use of motorcycles?

Spec Ops Insertion Vehicle

Incursion operations are ordinarily airlifted into action – this is represented in games by the Spec Ops teams entering play at the beginning of the Upkeep Phase of the first turn via an Insertion Point marker placed within 6” of any of the Zombie Entry Points on the table.

However, teams (with the exception of Z-Ops) can instead enter the game mounted on an insertion vehicle, represented splendidly by a Humvee model (sold separately):

The miniature can be armed with either a mounted MG or a Grenade Launcher with the Short Range trait. In game, the Insertion vehicle can carry up to four passengers (one of which can fire the mounted weapon), who may disembark at the close of its movement. With a movement value of 10, and the Unstoppable trait – allowing it to Ram (engagements confer an additional die) – it’s a handy piece of kit.

Classified Spec Ops Survival Guide

Within the box you’ll find an additional guide to using Spec-Ops in games. These highly trained operatives act slightly differently to normal characters, never accruing Grit tokens but instead generating Command points (though they can still play grit cards normally).

In addition to detailing everything you need to know to use Spec Ops in your games, you’ll find two Spec Ops special missions: After all, Spec Ops are not in the quarantine zone to loot or seek out the survivors dotted across the ruined cityscapes, but to retrieve vital data or clear an area for a future major operation, for example.

Available to Order Now

Both the Humvee miniature and Spec Ops sprue have utility far beyond the Project Z game, should hobbyists wish. They are suitable as regular troops, special forces, SWAT, mercenaries, insurgents or terrorists of many different nationalities for any wargame with a modern military leaning.

  1. These Spec Ops minis look great and in plastic is
    A double eagle. I’ve been wanting to get into 28mm modern warfare and this is a great way about it. Keep up the good work Warlord Games.

  2. Rather pricy for just eight miniatures, but look lovely (and I am a sucker for hard plastic miniatures, so obviously bought them!).

  3. I love the versatility of this sprue! I bought a whole bunch from Warlord Games years ago, to represent Modern US and Russian soldiers for some custom wargames I have been planning over the years. Unfortunately, I still have not built them… life has kept me very busy these past few years.

    I’m not sure who will read this, but I would love to see Warlord Games come out with a 28mm-1/56 plastic range for modern wargaming; much like the above Project Z Spec-Ops and Humvee sets. If only this sprue had contained at least one M249 and RPK, some M16s, and a Dragunov and M24 sniper rifle; I’d have all I need for my modern warfare build. Well, that and some 28mm plastic modern vehicles to accompany the above forces.

    Thank you for writing this detailed article! It will make assembling my miniatures with the correct weapons much easier.

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