On May 28th one of our US Raiders (dedicated gamers who take the Warlord Games gospel to the uninitiated!), Ed Nelson visited The Portal, in Manchester, Connecticut to run a game of Black Powder Epic Battles: American Civil War.

The game was loosely based on the Battle of Monocacy – could five Union brigades hold out for eight turns against seven Confederate brigades?

The four-hour game ended with a resounding victory for the Rebels. The Confederates benefitted from a poorly worded order and a roll that got three moves off, leaving three cavalry units an inch from the centre of the Union line.  That, combined with a spectacular round of Confederate shooting, eventually broke three of the five Union brigades on turn six, giving the Confederates a victory.

Honourable mentions go to two of the other players, Frank and Thomas, who contributed greatly to a fantastic game!

American Civil War Starter Set

The American Civil War is one of the most studied military conflicts in history, with over 237 named battles in addition to innumerable minor actions and skirmishes. It is more than a fitting subject for Warlord Games’ first foray into the Epic Battles scale, based on the award-winning Black Powder system.

This box set contains no less than 2400 men. Each of the two armies are presented on colour-coded plastic sprues; the push-fit pieces are extremely easy to assemble – enabling you to quickly get to the business of gaming this fascinating era of history on the epic scale it deserves. You’ll also find some MDF scenery to lend your battles extra authenticity.

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  1. Great article! This looks very fun. We have started to paint the starter set so it will take some time before we can start playing 🙂

    One question that I cant figure out from the rulebooks: How many miniatures stands are included in a regiment (as some scenarios calls the units) or a brigade? You write there are five Union brigades and seven Confederate brigades in this battle, how many unit stands are that per brigade?

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