The Future of Beyond the Gates of Antares

As you know, there have been considerable, recent worldwide pressures that impact on how businesses are managed. As Warlord Games has grown, we have added more and more game systems to our product offer but now have to rationalise our design, sales and production resources into a more tightly focused range of games.

This inevitably means we have to make some hard decisions on some of our games. Cruel Seas has already been moved to our sister company, Skytrex, for example. We have made the difficult decision to halt development of the Beyond the Gates of Antares (BtGoA) system as it requires much more resource to do it justice than our traditional historical games and we have no wish to do so half-heartedly. Sadly this means Tim Bancroft will also be leaving Warlord Games – we wish Tim all the very best for the future and thank him for his tireless work on the
Antares project.

Over the next few months Warlord Games will be moving the production of the existing BtGoA models to our sister company, Skytrex, so you can still buy reinforcements for their armies.

However, BtGoA is not being abandoned! Tim and Rick Priestley (the progenitor of the game) will be taking over future support and development of the game and universe. Their first plan is to release the second edition of BtGoA (Antares 2) as a series of free, PDF downloads and will be supporting the game through a new Nexus website (websites to remember:;; and in the coming months, the new Nexus,