Black Seas Resources

New Rules

This document contains new rules for the US and Spanish navies in Black Seas as well as Navy specific scenarios: Within you’ll find:

United States Captains of Renown & Famous Ships:

• Captain – John Paul Jones
• Vessel – USS Independence (1814-1912)
• Vessel – USS Niagara (1813-1815)
• Vessels – USS President and USS United States

Spanish Captains of Renown & Famous Ships

• Captain – Cosme Damián de Churruca y Elorza (1761-1805)
• Captain – Frederico Carlos Gravina Y Nápoli (1756-1806)
• Vessel – Argonauta (1798-1805)
• Vessel – Montañés (1794-1810)
• Vessel – San Juan Nepomuceno (1765-1816)


The Macau Incident: A Franco-Spanish flotilla attempts to disrupt a British fleet and prevent it from reaching and escorting a merchant convoy.

The Battle of Lake Erie: A battle for control of one of the US Lakes, which was strategically very important. It is one of the biggest naval battles of the war of 1812.