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General Patton’s Brawl and Ball

May 25

1000 points, single generic reinforced infantry platoon. Only units specifically allowed in generic reinforced platoons will be used. No Tank Platoons.

No more than one MLRS

No naval artillery observers, special characters, or news reporters. No aircraft models.

British Commonwealth units will follow the guidelines provided in the “Tough Gut” supplement. If you have questions please feel free to contact the tournament organizers. In simple terms, Specialized units like Gurkhas, Maori, SAS, Commando, etc get their own special rules and do not get the national characteristic in addition. Use of the Gurkha MTO unit from Tough Gut is preferred over the basic rulebook Gurkha or Gurkha Para units.

This event takes place in a museum that has tanks and tank destroyers from World War Two on display inside and out. Players will be awarded 3 victory points for including an armored vehicle of armor value 9 or up.

Victory points per turn will be awarded at the following values –

4 for major victory

3 for minor victory

2 for tie

1 for minor loss

0 for major loss

Check in at 9:00 am on Saturday, Games start at 10:00

Game 1 10am – 12pm

Lunch Break 12pm-1pm

Game 2 1:15pm-3:15pm

Game 3 3:45pm- 5:45pm

Missions will be announced the day of the event!

Now for some event specific house rules!

Infantry inside armored (7+) transports do not take pins when the vehicle comes under fire by small arms. Fire from any weapon with armor penetration 1 or higher causes pins as normal.

MMG teams (Not vehicle mounted MMGs) firing at enemies within their range cause one pin automatically, and two pins total if a hit is scored on the unit.

Tiger fear will not be in effect. Instead, all German tanks with light AT gun or larger get “Improved German Optics”, which means they do not suffer a shooting penalty with main armament when firing at long range. This does not apply to vehicle MG’s, howitzers or autocannons, only main anti tank guns that are AP4 or greater. The minus one armor penetration at long range is still in effect for all kinetic (non-HE) weapons.

This event is held at the General Patton Museum of Leadership at Fort Knox Kentucky. We all love our history and military themed shirts, but anyone displaying emblems or symbols deemed offensive or inappropriate by management will be asked to change into something more appropriate. Refusal to do so will result in expulsion from the event.

General Patton’s BBQ Ball Event ($20 per ticket prepaid)

Starts at 5:45, dinner served at 6:00pm. You are invited to dress in your finest 1940’s duds or whatever event appropriate costume you desire. Our lovely Hostesses will be available for dancing and delivering refreshments to your tables, and the music will be lively! This is an event you do not want to miss!

All payments may be made to TheFighting502nd@gmail.com PayPal Account

Army and Plane lists are requested by May 15th at midnight eastern time, late entries will receive a victory point reduction. Submit lists to TheFighting502nd@gmail.com


James Napier


Patton Museum
4554 Fayette Ave
Fort Knox, 40121 United States
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